I first saw FIT wash in California a few years ago in the Whole Foods Store and was amazed by how good it made the fruit look.
After launching a chain of Fresh fruit juice bars in London, it was the ideal product to not only make the displays look great, but to remove the waxes and pesticides that most fruit in the UK are covered with.
I would strongly recommend it to anyone who loves there fruit and veg the way nature intended. Amazing
Fit vegetable wash is a must-have item for a healthy living family
Washing fruits and vegetables in Fit vegetable wash has become my daily routine since I discovered this fantastic product.
Ok then Fit Wash people now I am convinced
Your product does what it says on the tin and serves a valid purpose. I felt extra smug as I served up our food: No dirt or chemicals would be going into my son. Read the full article
apparently apples can have been exposed to up to 12 different types of pesticides and handled by up to 10 different people by the time they reach your home. Urgh.
I then washed apples, plums, grapes and tomatoes. I could feel a difference. The waxy coats were taken away and what was left was crisp and tasty fruit. Read the full article
To be honest i have never thought of washing fruit before ,
its worth it. The product doesn’t leave any after taste or smells which was great too. Read the full article