Fit Fruit and Vegetable Wash

A healthy diet means plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, but even the freshest produce can come into contact with all kinds of potentially harmful things before it ends up on your plate. Fit fruit and vegetable wash is a 100% natural way to remove potentially harmful contaminants like dirt, bacteria, waxes and chemical pesticides from your fresh produce.

Made with organic grapefruit oil, Fit is the only fruit and vegetable wash to be certified as kosher and vegan; furthermore our innovative wash rinses away to leave no smell or aftertaste.

Many people wash their fruits and veggies with tap-water alone. Using Fit fruit and vegetable wash you can remove 98% more pesticides, viruses, fungi, mold, dirt and bacteria, quickly and safely.

What people are saying about FIT

I first saw FIT wash in California a few years ago in the Whole Foods Store and was amazed by how good it made the fruit look.
After launching a chain of Fresh fruit juice bars in London, it was the ideal product to not only make the displays look great, but to remove the waxes and pesticides that most fruit in the UK are covered with.
I would strongly recommend it to anyone who loves there fruit and veg the way nature intended. Amazing